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10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets in 2019: Reviews & Complete Guide

Gone are the times when helmets were only used for safety purpose. Technology surely has proven a boon for helmets. Installation of Bluetooth in helmets has been a significant start for a new mode of communication.

Who needs a separate device for calls and music when all this can be done with a helmet only during the rides.

This Bluetooth helmet technology allows us to make calls, have intercom with other fellow riders within a specific distance range.  Here are some pros and cons of a motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth:

PROS and CONS of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

1. All controls in these helmets are hands-free so minimum distraction is guaranteed. 1. To have these features a good amount of money is to be spent.
2. This makes easy to talk while driving through a phone call or intercom its up-to-the user. 2. Listening to music at high speeds can be a problem.
3. Some integrated are features like voice controls, talk time, noise cancellation.


Features of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Features to be considered while buying a Bluetooth helmet-

  1. Design– Exterior looks and interior comfortability are the two most looked for. The quality of built and paint used should be good so that wear and tear should not happen quickly.
  2. Controls– Searching for a good Bluetooth motorcycle helmet include the search for good controls in which you can control the music, shuffle it without creating discomfort in the ride. We can have hands-free or voice control helmets also in the higher end expensive products.
  3. Bluetooth Quality– You should look for the version of Bluetooth installed with its compatibility of connecting with other phones. The Bluetooth should cover a minimum range of 500 feet or more. Some Bluetooth helmets also offer noise cancellation for calling while driving and music.

10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets of 2019:

Bilt Techno Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

BILT is the leading manufacturer in the field of motorcycle helmets. Their helmets are durably made from polycarbonate shells with the superior matte finish. BILT techno is made from hi-tech polycarbonate shell and loaded with features like Intercom, navigation, affordable, music. Here are the various features of this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

Music – No need to carry an extra device for entertainment now. The mp3 music facility is what one get pre-installed in it.

Bluetooth connectivity – Bilt has equipped it with DWO-3 Bluetooth system which makes calling and syncing with fellow riders hassle free. This product can be used with any version of Bluetooth. Just having a Bluetooth is necessary, rest has been taken care.

Navigation– voice instructions for navigating are a step away just connect it with a GPS and reach your destination.

Safety features and design– A full face helmet made of the material best in class. Covers all the necessary standards rather this one exceeds them given by DOT. It is available in all sizes from X-small to 2XL.

1. The superior built quality with a value for money is what makes this stand out of the league. 1.Noise cancellation can be an issue at higher speeds.
2. The intercom function to connect with the fellow riders having the same bilt techno model. 2. Price is a bit on higher side.
3. Connectivity to any version of Bluetooth and great voice quality.
4. Comes with sun visor.

Torc T27B Full Face with Blinc Bluetoot

Torc as a brand is always famous for giving high-end features at a very affordable price. Features offered by torch at these rates are almost impossible for another brand to provide at the same price. Torc t27b is a lightweight full face helmet with optional Bluetooth and various color options. Some features of this Bluetooth helmet:

Visor – its dual visor system removes the need to change the visor with changing weather conditions. The visor is scratch and fog resistant and comes with a unique drop down mechanism.

Bluetooth connectivity – It has Blinc Bluetooth which allows Torc users to connect with other Blinc helmets and Torc helmets. Intercom and GPS are provided in it.

Safety features and design – At the price torc is selling its helmet meeting the standards is a big deal and torc is fulfilling it very aptly. One button release mechanism on chin bar makes it super easy to remove the helmet.

Ventilation – There is vent exhaust to pull the warm air out to keep inner side cool to tackle the hot atmosphere.

1. Connectivity not limited to one Bluetooth option. 1. The visor is not that great at resisting fog in extreme conditions.
2. It exceeds DOT and ECE standards. 2. Chin curtain is missing.
3. The super tough shell protects against severe accidents.
4. The inner liner or padding is completely removable and washable.

ILM 953 Modular Flip-up Full Face Helmet

ILM 953 with the quality of flipping the front portion and with its sturdy design and the reasonable weight comes at an affordable price with every single feature one can wish for i.e. GPS, music, call receiver, sun visor, intercom.

More elaborate features of this motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth are as below –

Bluetooth connectivity – Comes with a Bluetooth 2.0 version giving a reasonable talk time of 8 hours and a detachable receiver included with the package. The receiver is chargeable and needs not to be detached for charging, once charged you are good to go. Intercom facility is present and no problem in accessing it. Echo cancellation is an extra feature missing from others.

Safety and design – Passed all basic standard from DOT for safety and ECE for the visor. It has two visors that surely are a plus point for extra safety and protection of eyes. Shell is sturdy and shock resistant. The flip-up feature can be helpful in taking off the helmet or when standing idle.

Ventilation– Preoccupied with 3 adjustable vent exhaust for air intake which makes it a boon for long rides.

1. Can be used as a full face and flip up. 1. No extra out of the box safety feature.
2. Sturdy design with basic certifications. 2. Inner visor is not anti-fog.
3. Designed keeping in mind the high speeds as well as best in class ventilation provided. 3. Buying it just for flip-up feature is a waste of money.
4. Affordable price.
5. For everyday use, it can be a good option.

TORC T14b Bluetooth Helmet

Another Bluetooth helmet from TORC from its long range of products. This one is bit heavy but provides great structural support and can remain as a single piece in a big crash. Comes with an inner liner for comfort and no tension of getting that liner dirty because it is easily removable and can be washed in a machine.

Integrated Bluetooth with speakers provides music, calling, intercom and other noticeable functions. Various features of this motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth:

Bluetooth connectivity– Good connectivity with mobile and fellow riders having torc helmets. Internal speakers for calling, listening music and of course intercom and GPS directions.

Design and safety– Designed keeping in mind the long and hectic rides. Although it’s on the heavier side but with great ability in distributing the weight with the best protection from accidents. Comes in different color options and sizes are available for every fit.

1. Constructed with keeping durability in mind. 1. Limited color options.
2. Highly ventilated for comfort.
3. Fully waterproof material for increased comfort.

BELL Qualifier DLX

A bit on the costlier side, a great product by BELL proves that spending money on it will never make you regret. Comes with a 5-year warranty and many fantastic optional add-on and compatibility with the various Bluetooth headset is what makes it a value for money product. Let’s have a look at some extra edge features of this Bluetooth helmet:

Face shield– It comes with transition photochromatic shield that makes it irreplaceable and out of the league. The shield would turn dark during the daylight making it relaxing for the eyes and at dark, a comfortable and a clear view is promised.

Ventilation– Two vents very aptly placed on chin and top.

Bluetooth connectivity– Feature of connecting to various other Bluetooth headsets. Two speakers placed at upper and lower portion with above average sound. When vents are closed sound decreases. You get a receiver kit optional at a very reasonable price if you need to make calls and use the intercom.

Safety feature and design– A well-balanced Bluetooth motorcycle helmet with a weight of around 1570 grams without the receiver. Available in many sizes but be careful while buying, order a size up which size generally fits you i.e. if you previously use L size helmets ordering an XL, in this case, would be better. All necessary standards by DOT and ECE are clear.

1. Click release function is awesome. 1.The transition photochromatic shield can be problematic for some users.
2 .Optional receiver choice makes it easy to fit sena or cardo intercom. 2. The face shield is provided but without a lock.
3. Ventilation will never be a problem. 3. Under-sizing can be a problem.
4. Available in many colors and graphics options.

VCAN 210 Bluetooth Helmet

A product for both safety and connectivity comes in a single color option with a matte finish. Bluetooth one of the best in the league with intercom, GPS, music, calls provided with two speakers is a plus point to go for.

Some features of this best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet:

Visor or face shield– As said the brand has worked more on the safety than the design. The visor is safe from every impact and will protect the rider in severe accidents. It’s comfortable material and liner make it one of the favorite. Lightweight and sturdy material design will help you to wear it during long journeys.

Bluetooth connectivity– Comes with best in class Bluetooth 2.0 with GPS feature and a standby by the time of 600 hours. One can talk for continuous 15 hours without using hands and with a clear voice quality assured at high speeds also.

Safety features and design– Certifications from DOT are approved and the company has mainly focused on safety than design. So the helmet is only in black color with two styles to choose from matte or flat. But the ones who want to have style with safety this one is surely is not an option for them.

1. Visor provided is at its best. 1. Styling can make it lose the game.
2. Bluetooth provided is sure to be relied upon.
3. Light weighted with superb security given.

IV2 VIPER Bluetooth Helmet Model

Another flip-up model with great design option and can be used for both snowmobile and motorcycle helmet. All certifications are completed and it is a safety guaranteed model.

Ventilation with 10 air vents making it comfortable to ride. Below are the features-

Safety design and features– Certification from DOT and ECE. It has a lightweight and durable shell with anti-scratch sun visor. The inner liner or padding is completely removable and washable. Comes in limited color options and style.

Ventilation– Ten air vents help in keeping the heat out and maintaining the temperature inside.

Bluetooth connectivity- While others are still coming with Bluetooth 2.0 this model from IV2 comes with a Bluetooth 3.0 providing better connectivity and smooth calling.

1. Bluetooth 3.0 is a plus feature. 1. Finding a suitable size can be a problem.
2. Removable inner padding is washable. 2. The anti-fog visor sometimes proves to be not that good.
3. 10 vents do their best for ventilation.

Freedconn Bluetooth Helmet

Freedconn launched its dual visor lightweight helmet with the built-in Bluetooth communication system. It is available in many color options like white, black, gray, red, blue and matte black.

It is a flip up of the modular helmet. Various other qualities of this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet:

Bluetooth connectivity– It has waterproof Bluetooth 3.0 with the ability to connect to 2-3 fellow riders at the same time with a range of 500 meters, GPS, voice dial feature, FM, and music facility. At high speeds clarity of sound is good.

Ventilation– Two vents and one near the chin also when the full face is covered provides ample airflow to ride in harsh weather conditions also.

Safety feature and design– comes in 3 different sizes with certification from DOT. Shell made out if thermoplastic material making it durable and less in weight. The dual visor is beneficial for eyes, the clear one provides good visibility and the inner visor can be raised and lowered according to one’s need. It also provides the good field of view.

1. ABS lightweight shell is durable and protects from accidents. 1. Noise problem at high speeds.
2. Wide field of view. 2. Visor is not anti fog and fogs up easily.
3. Easy to use Bluetooth system with intercom connectivity with 3 other riders.
4. Flip up options is always a plus point.

HAWK H-66 Dual Visor Helmet

One of Hawk’s most advanced Bluetooth helmet ever, with everything you need in a helmet for everyday use. Look at its features with pros and cons-

Bluetooth connectivity– Built-in Bluetooth comes with receiver, charger and a manual for instructions. The receiver provides good quality sound at high speeds and other person hearing is able to have a clear voice. Intercom is able to connect with the group under a  certain range of distance.

Ventilation– It does not come with that great ventilation although it can change from full face to flip up type. However, vent is provided near the chin area which will do its job.

Safety feature and design– Made of ABS thermoplastic polymer in only 3 different sizes i.e. S, M, L. weight is on the heavier side which makes it sturdy. Clear visor or the front visor installed with a quick release mechanism. The inner sun visor is smoke tinted and helps in tackling the weather situation by not hurting the eyes and adjusting according to them. The drop-down button for sun visor or inner visor makes it easy to put down.

1. Bluetooth voice quality is crystal clear. 1. Non fog resistant visor.
2. Flip up type helmets are always a pick. 2. Available only in 3 sizes can be a problem for some.
3. Comfortable inner liner making it fun to ride. 3. Slightly heavy weight can cause discomfort in long rides.
4. Bluetooth and intercom are easy to set up.

SCHUBERTH C3 Pro SRC Bluetooth Helmet

SCHUBERTH’s this model has proven that wearing a helmet was never such a fun. Its high-end features and comfortability force an enthusiast rider to buy it without thinking twice. It has been installed with SRC Bluetooth system.

Take a look at the features of this amazing Bluetooth motorcycle helmet:

Bluetooth connectivity– SRC innovative Bluetooth system let the intercom connect with 9 other fellow riders at the same time with a simple click of the link button. It can share music with other riders linked to it by A2DP technology which means the song you are listening can be shared with other riders same time and they too can enjoy the same song. FM software installed is at its best. Bluetooth provides a standby time of 7 days and can talk for 13 hours nonstop.

Safety Features and Design– It weighs around 1.3 kg which is a bit on the heavier side but one gets used to it soon. It is waterproof and a durable design. Comes in a single color variant black.

Extra edge feature– If the intercom range exceeds, it then can be used as mobile to the intercom. While gaining speeds it noise controls automatically and adjusts according to the atmosphere.

1. The music share technology is great to share music with other riders. 1. For getting these outstanding features one has to pay a hefty amount.
2. Connectivity with other 9 riders in a single go is always beneficial.
3. Voice controls to make it easy to use.

Rating Table of Top 10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets 2019

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets
  • Bilt Techno Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet
  • Torc T27B Full Face with Blinc Bluetooth
  • ILM 953 Modular Flip-up Full Face Helmet
  • TORC T14b Bluetooth Helmet
  • BELL Qualifier DLX
  • VCAN 210 Bluetooth Helmet
  • IV2 VIPER Bluetooth Helmet Model
  • Freedconn Bluetooth Helmet
  • HAWK H-66 Dual Visor Helmet
  • SCHUBERTH C3 Pro SRC Bluetooth Helmet


All the above-mentioned motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth are best in their own league. Choose a Bluetooth helmet that matches to your needs and specifications.