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Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 Dollars in 2019 – Affordability and Quality

The cycles are again becoming the new cool of this era even in these technology-filled cars for super speed lovers. Cycling has made a man think its importance as it is both environment-friendly and promises a good and a fit health.

For the adventure lovers, we are familiar with a name, mountain bikes which are capable of different terrain and are possessed with the super new feature.

Mountain bikes as the name speaks for itself are an off-road vehicle for the adventure-friendly people. This bikes we can say are not cheap equal to the normal ones because of its built and other feature absent in the normal bikes.

There is a myth amongst the people for these bikes that it will be expensive and not easy to afford. But the market is loaded with the bikes priced from affordable ones to the expensive ones.

The first and the foremost thing is that the bike should fulfill the requirements and the price. And there is a popularity among the people about the best mountain bikes under 500 dollars.

Some bikes are only made for a specific terrain and before buying the user should keep in mind his requirements of the terrain he wants to ride the bike in. Other feature also plays a significant role in the selection of the mountain bike. The features are listed below.

Best Mountain Bikes Under 500

Must Read Points Before Purchasing a Mountain Bike

  1. Budget– As here we are discussing the best mountain bikes under 500 dollars, so budget itself plays an important part in selecting the bike. The buyer should not think that in a specific range budget the quality will be compromised. It’s just that one has to look carefully and explore all the options in the market available and choose the best one. Some famous brands do put up a sale and buyers should look out for that sales and grab the deal.
  2. Terrain– These bikes offer you specific terrain options to ride on whether it is off road or paved roads, bikes wheels, and frames are designed according to the terrain they are made to ride on. These are the different bikes –
  • Trail bikes– specifically designed for local trails. And if a local trail is your need of the hour then just go for trail bikes.
  • Cross-country bikes– known by the name of XC bikes, these are the most common and loved by the riders of this field. Select them if you need to have a race on the local trails or crossing the steep or rough local trails.
  • Fat bikes– as the name speaks these are the bikes with fat or wide tires. Perfect for beginners as it will be helpful on rough terrain due to its wide tires and for beginners, safety has always been an issue.
  • Enduro bikes– these are all mountain purpose bike. Its lightweight makes it stand out from the other bikes as it easy to pedal uphill and easier to cross steep climbs.
  • Downhill bikes– These bikes mostly serve the purpose of competition and racing as with these easy to pedal over any obstacle. They require full safety during the rides i.e. full pads and full face helmets. They are not meant for beginners in any way.
  1. Brakes– when speed plays its role side by side it is very important that the brakes should work best with the speed. One should always look for hydraulic brakes, not for the mechanical linear pull or the cable ones. Hydraulic brakes provide a powerful and precise result in a time less than the cable ones and are easy to maintain also.
  2. Types of bike suspension– covered by three types – full suspension, hardtail and rigid.
  • Full suspensions are the ones with front and rear suspension both offering the extra comfort during the adventurous ride.
  • Hardtail bikes have only the front suspension resulting in light weight riders and rider can easily peddle uphill rather than in full suspension bikes. But it reduces the comfort one is getting on full suspension bikes.
  • A rigid suspension is with no suspension on either side, front or back. They are rarely found and are specifically designed for the particular purpose.
  1. Gears– with an option to choose from single to 30 gears from different manufacturers. Shimano is the world leader in designing the gears and brake levers. If speed and climbing the steep slopes is the main motive opting for more gears is always the best. The more gears more easily the user will be able to ride on the steep surface with better speed.
  2. Size– various sizes are available in the market for the various heights. People can choose from many options according to their comfort, height and body sizes. Test ride before a buy is the best option to choose the right bike for yourself.

Listed below are best mountain bikes which satisfy both affordability and quality.

The Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 Dollars:

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Mountain Bike

Schwinn, a leader in the manufacturing of mountain bikes known for its best quality that too without creating a hole in the pocket.

Schwinn Protocol, an entry-level mountain bike suitable for beginners and mid-level riders as well. Built with dual suspension aluminum frame and steel frame at back is what makes it stand out at this price.

The lightweight of aluminium and toughness of steel makes it a power-packed bike. A brief introduction to its features are as follows:-

  1. Frame– A dual-suspension frame with aluminium at front and steel at the rear gives you the dual benefits. Making it damage resistant and lightweight both.
  2. Wheel size– this one comes with 26’’ wheels which can be defined as a standard for all. It is easy for all to adjust at this size and also it can be made or used as a daily riding option. Rims are double-walled light-weighted alloys suited to ride in every terrain.
  3. Brakes– equipped with front mechanical disc brakes and rear brakes are a linear-pull. This makes it easy to go brakes in any terrain or weather condition.
  4. Fork– This bike comes with SR Suntour front suspension brakes which specialize in absorbing in any type of shock. Off-roading and rough terrain become a super relaxing ride with these forks.
  5. Gears– Fitted with Shimano Altus 24-speed gear system with Shimano EF-50 trigger shifters. These shifters allow a smooth transition between the gears. The rear is fitted with Shimano Altus providing it extra power while riding. These were the features now let’s have a look at what should be the decision making pros and cons while buying this MTB under 500 dollars.
Pros Cons
1. Easy to assemble the bike. Almost assembled just front wheel is to be fitted and that can be done by anyone. 1. Saddle or seat is not suitable for long comfortable rides.
2. It’s durable and sturdy red color design makes it look like an expensive option not at the price it is available. 2. 26’’ wheel size makes it difficult to overcome the obstacles.
3. 24 gear speed system makes it good to go option for beginners 3. Whereas the 24 gear speed system is good to go for the novice but not suitable for riders who need high speed and adventure.
4. Brakes are super fine in extreme or immediate conditions. 4. No option or place to keep a water bottle.
5. Super suspension forks co to plete the ride comfortably and smoothly too. 5. Front brakes don’t perform that way which was expected by all from this bike.

Diamondback Overdrive Sport

Diamondback is not a new name in the field of mountain bikes and all their models are worth a ride. We will discuss the model which defines affordability and design both.

Diamondback overdrive sports 29er is a premier hardtail mountain bike suitable for all trail whether steep or any other. Here are it’s amazing features-:

  1. Frame– Built with butted 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy Overdrive 29r frame. Making it lighter than the steel frame makes it speed fast and easy to handle. This frame makes it easy to drive and handle for beginners.
  2. Fork– equipped with 100mm Suntour XCR-LO travel fork. Not the best one in the line but perfect for early riders.
  3. Wheel size– This bike has a monster 29-inch tire size which makes any obstacle look small and any terrain easy to cross. The speed and maneuverability are now easy to handle than before.
  4. Gears– Shimano rear derailleurs 8 speed with 24 gear options filed with Shimano SLR-310 shifters enable to switch gears according to personal use according to the terrain demand. It is also equipped with Diamond SL-7 double-wall rims which are a perfect combination with a 29-inch tire size.
  5. Brakes– this mountain bike comes with Shimano BR-M935 hydraulic brakes which perform extremely well in rainy and muddy conditions, the time when most brakes fail to perform. These are effective and durable brakes making the bike stop in any terrain between the ride.
Pros Cons
1. Assembling of the bike is super easy, comes in a convenient box mostly assembled just one or two parts to be installed. 1. the saddle or the seat is a bit uncomfortable for the long ride purpose.
2. Perfect for beginners as no complicated features come with it and easy handling. 2. Rear derailleur needs to be adjusted just before starting the ride.
3. Different size options are a plus because different heights can choose its option from these sizes. 3. Limited or just one color options
4. Big size of wheels can overcome any obstacle.

Mongoose Ledge Moutain Bike

Buying an entry-level bike is the toughest option and what to look always remain questionable. Mongoose ledge 2.1 seems to answer that very aptly. A perfect combo of price, comfort, and durability.

A bike to ride on tough as well as plain terrain without decreasing its performance a bit. Sturdiness is what defines the Mongoose ledge 2.1.

A look at its features-

  1. Frame– it has a 4-bar linked suspension frame made from aluminium alloy for lightweight ride. Its alloy rims are sturdy and rustproof and the handlebars are made from steel which can withstand a few bangs.
  2. Gears– The 21-speed gear system allows a versatile speed option to the riders. Though the gears are less they don’t pose a challenge in any terrain while riding i.e. steep or plain. Comes with SRAM twist shifters, one of the best in this class.
  3. Braking system– It has linear-pull brakes which let the user gain full control over the bike. Emergency braking is not a problem in the bike and tire treads are soo designed that it supports its braking system.
  4. Wheel size– wheels are 26’’ fabricated alloy rims ensure great ride and lightweight. Fabricated alloys mean they are rustproof so it can be a great ride in rains also.

Overall at the price, it is available we can say that not the best but can be a great option for the beginners.

Pros Cons
1. Versatility at this affordable price is its biggest pro. 1. The seats are comfortable but the material is not long lasting and will weather out fast.
2. Assembling is easy and needs no supervision or perfection. 2. The frame is not that big so it can be a problem for people over 6’.
3. It has 3 color options i.e. gray, red and blue. 3. No place on the frame for a water bottle.
4. Like many other options that do not include a kickstand, it comes with one. 4. The limited 21 gear Optio kickstand, a great choice for speed lover and the ones who are a pro at mountain bikes.
5. The aluminium alloy frame is stylish and durable.

Roadster Granite Peak

The roadster granite peak is a 26-inch ride which not only specialized in mountain terrain but is perfect for urban areas means can be used as a daily ride too. It’s high front suspension forks make it a comfortable ride for rough and rugged roads.

Gear shifting in this model is a stand out feature from other bikes.

A detailed review of its other features-

  1. Frame– the material used in making the frame is steel. The steel frame is known to be sturdy and making the bike durable. Although the steel is a little bit on the heavier side from aluminium but riding this bike does not make the rider feel so.
  2. Gears– a bit on the lesser side this bike is featured with 18 gear speed system with Shimano shifters. The shifters are real smooth and give a comfortable ride during an off road ride also.
  3. Braking system– it has a linear pull braking system which is crafted amazingly for the immediate braking system and tire treads are perfectly designed to accompany these bikes.
  4. Wheel size– the 26-inch wheels are a standard for most bikes. Rims are alloy made and are durable and strong. The alloy rims give a strong and durable feel and light weight provides a great maneuverability. The handlebars are made of steel. The seat is padded and made for rough terrain.
  5. Fork– The front fork suspension enables a comfortable ride in rough terrain. It is capable of absorbing the shock one can experience during the ride.
Pros Cons
1. its affordability nowhere compromises with its high quality and style by which the bike is being made of. 1. The seat is well padded but not very comfortable with long rides.
2. Has got a great front suspension offering a great and comfortable ride. 2. 18 gears are low for riders who like to ride at high speeds.
3. Dual usability i.e. suitable for off road as well as paved roads. 3. The steel frames are easy with scratches.
4. Assembling is an easy task with this bike. 4. Brakes are not that great and needed to be adjusted regularly.

Diamondback Overdrive

Best for off road, climbing steep hills and getting down from them the answer is Diamondback Overdrive. This mountain bike is equipped with an alloy aluminium frame, dual wall rims, front suspension, and front disc brake and rear V brake.

Below are its some of the amazing features-

  1. Frame– It has a full suspension aluminium 6061-T6 frame which is better than other bikes in quality. It is built with an alloy four-bar suspension frame. This suspension frame promises you comfort and great durability. And its lightweight makes a great experience of riding for the driver.
  2. Braking system– The Diamondback Overdrive is equipped with Tektro Aries mechanical disc brake  with 160mm rotors. High-class aluminium is used in brake levers with integrated components being used for front disc brake. This enhances the maximum control of the user on the bike.
  3. Gear and speed– it is equipped with a 21-gear speed system designed by the same which designed it brakes i.e. Shimano. The not so fast speed system provides you with a relaxing ride throughout. The front and rear derailleur allow easy riding and smooth gear shifting.
  4. Wheels– as a standard for most this model is also fitted with 27.5-inch tires. The wide and long-lasting quality prove to be unrivaled traction in the off-roads where the tires play a great role in balancing.
  5. Fork– For the smoothest rides, Diamondbike Overdrive comes with SR Suntour XCT 27 Coil Spring fork with 80mm travel makes off road rides just like as driving on paved roads.
Pros Cons
1. The safety factor is given the utmost importance. 1. Tire size sometimes makes difficult to overcome an obstacle.
2. People with different heights are comfortable riding this bike. 2. Seats are little hard.
3. It has a sturdy and durable alloy frame and suspension. 3. Assembly is not that easy and smooth.
4. Affordable with this great features for the entry level riders.

Max4out Mountain Bike

This pretty much looks like a bad boy of Mountain Bikes. This bike definitely going to catch a lot of eye balls. The frame is unique and wheels of Max4out made this bike stand out from the crowd.

A brief description of its features-

  1. Frame– Constructed with Solid High Carbon Steel Frame. It promises a long-lasting service despite riding over rough tracks for years. The carbon steel frame and excellent welding technology, makes it long lasting and stable cruising bike.
  2. Gears– 21 gear speed system helps in speeding without putting much effort and force. The front derailleur is Shimano and the Rear derailleur is Shimano Altus 7speed.
  3. Braking system– This mountain bike is equipped with black aluminium disc brake that allows easy riding in muddy or rain terrain. These brake levers are integrated Shimano designed.
  4. Wheels– The wheels of Max4out is eyeball magnet as it comes with 26-inch wheel with 4.3-inch of width.  These components provide excellent strength and resistance which in turn guarantees stability especially on a steep incline or rough terrain. The wheels is also compatible with roads, trail, beaches and snow.
  5. Size and color options– There is a huge variety of colour options in the menu to choose from and different sizes never possessed a problem for short and tall people.
Pros Cons
1. Solid Carbon Steel frame for long-lasting rides. 1. Replacement or changing of parts can be a little bit expensive.
2. Assembling is easy and can be done by a novice. 2. Pedals are plastic made and not good for large feet.
3. It is customisable and height can be adjusted from an option of colour to choose from.

A lot of mountain bikes are available in the market at different price segments. Some of the best mountain bikes under 500 are available to match a beginner’s expectations.

Gravity FSX 1.0

Gravity FSX 1.0 is another mountain bike that you can buy under 500 bucks. The bike looks sporty and sturdy by its design. The suspension within the frame will give you the smoothest ride. Coupled with dual disc brakes and Shimano’s gear shifter, this is worth checking out.

Here are Gravity FSX 1.0 worth mentioning features:

  1. Frame – This mountain bike is made up of Hydroformed Aluminum that makes it light-weight and durable. Also, it makes it easy to carry for off-roads rides.
  2. Gears – The Gravity FSX 1.0 is equipped with SHIMANO M190 Rear and Front Derailleur Gearing system which is really smooth and shifting gears do not calls for the extra efforts.
  3. Braking System – Gravity FSX 1.0 has Tektro Novela Front and Rear Disc Brakes.
  4. Wheels – Here we have the Black 26 x 2.1 tires that are going to provide the smoothest ride no matter where you are riding it. The dual suspension made the ride even better even if you are riding in the rough terrain.
  5. Color – For Gravity FSX 1.0, we have 2 color options and that is Black and Yellow. The Yellow frame and the black wheels made this thing looks even better.
Pros Cons
1. Aluminium Frame made it light weight and easy to carry.

2. Adjustable Front and Rear Suspension.

3. Dual Disc Brakes at Front & Rear.

4. Smooth gear shifting even during the off-road rides.

1. There are not much color choices available.

2. The stock wheels are not enough for off-road biking.


Rating Table Best Mountain Bikes Under 500

Best Mountain Bikes under 500 Dollars
  • Schwinn Protocol Mountain Bike
  • Diamondback Overdrive Sport
  • Mongoose Ledge Moutain Bike
  • Roadster Granite Peak 2017
  • DiamondBack Overdrive
  • Max4out
  • Gravity FSX 1.0


In fact, a lot of mountain bikes for sale are up at various sites. Go ahead and enjoy this amazing sport without breaking your bank.