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Best Motorcycle Helmets Reviews: 2019’s Top Rated Picks

Body protection is the utmost important thing while riding a sportbike or cruiser. Helmet tops the chart while driving a two-wheeler. Buying a motorcycle helmet can be complex.

There are far too many helmet options depending on your preference. Motorcycle Helmets designed for sportbikes and cruisers are completely different than the regular helmets.

A lot of high-edged brands deal in the sportbike helmet industry.
A lot of things; helmet size and head shape, Helmet Safety Ratings, Helmet Construction material, Helmet weight, price, etc. need to be considered before making a purchase.

For a beginner, a reasonably priced helmet loaded with adequate features is the best purchase. Take a look at some of the best motorcycle helmets designed by some of the best brands in the market:

Best Motorcycle Helmets

The 5 Best Motorcycle Helmets for 2019

Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This high-quality helmet by one of the best motorcycle brands comes at an affordable price and given all its features, is a great value for money.

In simple words, it is a replica of some high-quality expensive helmets that gives exactly the same benefits but at a lesser price.

Take a look at the features of one of the coolest motorcycle helmets available:

  1. Design– This elegant black color helmet speaks of quality and is available in four sizes – small, medium, large, and extra large. Usually, the problem with most of the helmets is that they don’t support the goggles, making it uncomfortable for the rider who wear spectacles or goggles. To counter this problem, SH-FF0016 Full Face Helmet comes with a mega-sized eye port to support goggles.
  2. Material– This lightweight helmet is made of thermoplastic shell. It is also UV-resistant and protects you from the UV rays.
  3. Ventilation– The dual-vented diffuser system(front and back vents) combined with the internal channel vent system supports the air-flow around your head giving the rider a sigh of relief and comfort especially during humid weather.
  4. Maintenance– The cheek pads and visor can be easily cleaned as they are removable.
  5. Comfort– The helmet encapsulates a D-ring closure via which the chin strap is adjusted so that the helmet fits well and the excess chin strap does not create any hindrance while riding the bicycle.
  6. Certifications– It is DOT FMVSS N.218 approved that ensures the quality standards of safety in case of any mishap. This approval is a proof of the rigorous tests this helmet had gone through to ensure the safety of the rider.
1.This helmet is UV-resistant, thus it protects you from the UV rays. 1.The makers have compromised on the quality of the chin strap. The plastic used on it makes it a bit fragile; posting comfort.
2.It is DOT certified that is a guarantee of the high-quality standards. Moreover, in this category and range, this is the first lowest profile design that has been approved by DOT. 2.It is a bit tighter than the typical size of helmets. So prefer a size bigger compared to what you are used to.
3.It is built in a lightweight thermoplastic shell that provides the adequate comfort. 3.It won’t provide protection against any ruthless crashes. Thus, it is not recommended for high-speed riding.
4.As the visor and the cheek pads are removable, cleaning them is easier. 4.Even though it has dual-vented diffuser system, the ventilation is not adequate.

Shoei RF-1200 Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei is a brand associated with quality and they are known to make some of the best motorcycle helmets that are used by professional racers and everyday commuters alike.

Rare you will see a bike rider who is not familiar with their RF-series.Shoei RF-1200 is their new addition to this series. With the launch of this helmet, Shoei has taken the helmet game to a whole new level. Shoei RF-1200 is truly a star wars motorcycle helmet and comes in with improved aerodynamics. The weight difference is not extreme, but it is definitely noticeable.

Take a look at the features of one of the most premium helmets by one of the best motorcycle helmets brands in the market:

  1. Certifications– The helmet comes with the DOT and Snell certifications which speak and guarantees quality standards.
  2. Shape– This helmet has an oval internal shape that will fit the majority of heads. Its streamlined shell is made of the most advanced technology available. The graphics of this helmet are truly condemnable and the solid colors on the helmet are pleasing to the eyes. This beauty comes in a lot of colors for you to choose from.
  3. Design– Shoei is claiming that RF-1200 is the lightest Snell-certified helmet it has ever produced. Lighter helmets make longer rides more comfortable.The RF-1200 comes in four shell sizes ranging from XS to XXL. The shell is made from Multi-Ply Matrix AIM. The highlighting part of this helmet is that the company has used speaker pockets effectively. These are filled with a noise-deadening foam, utilizing the otherwise empty space.
  4. Ventilation– One of the best things about this helmet is its ventilation. You can actually feel the air on top of your head. The icing on the cake is a lower air intake at the chin guard of this helmet, which brings in a lot of air into the helmet that helps in keeping the sweat off your face.
  5. Noise– With the RF-1200, Shoei has worked in reducing the helmet noise. The improved aerodynamics have played an important role in reducing the noise levels reaching the rider’s ears. No buffeting is experienced even at the highest speeds, but don’t forget to wear earplugs when riding on the highway.
  6. Padding– With RF-1200, the company has introduced a 3D Max-Dry System II that features different cheek pad sizes for a custom fit. The padding is so soft that you don’t have to worry about any rashes on your face. The chin guard is made from Emergency Quick Release System that lends more softness to the whole helmet.
  7. Vision– It is installed with a Pinlock-insert-equipped CWR-1 shield for a broader vision. The best part is that it protects you from the harmful UV rays and fog. Undoubtedly, Pinlock laminate is the best anti-fog setup you will ever see. It will keep your visor fog-free.That QR-E base plate system is equipped with a fine-tuning dial on each side for an even better seal. The adjustable screws on the face shield’s add to the comfort of the rider.

This helmet truly stands out in all the parameters to be in the list of Best Motorcycle Helmets. It captures best of the features and is a premium helmet that won’t disappoint. Take a look at the pros and cons:

1.The shell is appropriately proportioned to the head size making it feel instantly comfortable. The concise size of the outer shell makes this helmet lightweight. 1.A bit pricey if compared to the other models in the same segment.
2.Wind noise is exceptionally low, all credits to the better aerodynamics. This is one of the quieter helmets available in the market. 2.The ventilation is good but not great.
3.For a broader vision, it is installed with a Pinlock-insert-equipped CWR-1 shield. 3.There is no sun visor present with the face-shield, but you can get it separately.
4.RF-1200 is the lightest Snell-certified helmet ever produced.

Duke Helmets DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Duke helmets under GDM provide a lot of benefits to the customers and are available at astonishing prices. Located in Los Angeles, United States of America, GDM is known to provide the best quality products with highest safety standards.

Customer satisfaction is their topmost priority and they never fail to deliver the best quality products to their customers.

Duke is a brand that let its helmets go through a plethora of tests before even launching them. Who doesn’t want to buy a durable helmet by one of the most trusted brands in the helmet industry? Take a look at its features:

  1. Composition– The DK-120 Helmet comes in five different sizes which means that there is a size to fit everyone. Lightweight and comfortable, this helmet has almost everything to match the rider needs. The shell is made out of composite poly-alloy material, and speaks of strength and ensures a comfortable ride even on long road journeys. Its aerodynamic and sleek design combined with the matte black paint is truly eye-catching. It only comes in a singular Matte Black color.
  2. Certifications– This helmet has been approved by DOT, which means safety is assured even at highest speeds.
  3. Ventilation– To ensure proper airflow, there are 7 ventilation points on the helmet: two on the forehead, two on the cheeks, four at the back, and one in the front. You will never feel out of breath while wearing this helmet. Any unpleasant smell would also not stick around, making the whole riding experience an amazing one.
  4. Safety– The DK-120 Full Face Helmet was constructed adhering to the strict safety guidelines to meet or exceed the DOT FMVSS-218 motorcycle helmet safety standards. This full face helmet has undergone some of the world’s harshest testing to make sure that best protection is available in the toughest situations.
  5. Interior– Its interior compiles of a soft and durable liner with added cheek pads which are made from hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial nylon. The best part about DK-120 is that its interior is easily detachable. So, you can easily remove, wash and reinstall the interiors of this helmet.
  6. Visor– It comes with a bonus tinted visor which can be interchanged with the standard clear visor.With its Flush-fit, the side-coverless face shield looks stunning. The DK-120 Helmet face shield has compound curves which are scratch resistant and provides protection against harmful UV-rays. The best part is that the sun visor can be easily lifted by pressing a button on top of the helmet.
  7. Bonus– With the purchase of the helmet you’ll be getting a bonus tinted visor along with a clear visor and a soft cloth carrying bag.
1.It meets the DOT regulations and guidelines. 1.Only one color choice is available.
2.With its sleek design and dark black color, it looks amazing. It comes in five different sizes which means that there is a size to fit everyone. 2.This helmet has a full fixed face and that is not removable.
3. 7 ventilation points on the helmet ensure great air flow through the helmet while you are riding.
4.The interior pads are easily detachable for easy cleaning.
5.Includes bonus tinted visor and cloth carrying bag.
6.The sun visor lifts away with the press of a button on top of the helmet that means you can easily switch between the clear or tinted visor.
7.Liner and cheek pads made with a hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial nylon.

HJC CL-17 Mission Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

HJC has succeeded in maintaining the status as the number one helmet brand in North America. HJC offers a wide selection of helmets in the mid to high-end range segment.

HJC has its own state of the art wind tunnel testing laboratory to test for aerodynamics, ventilation, noise, etc.

HJC CL-17 Mission Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet is one of the most stylish and coolest motorcycle helmets available.  This super-comfortable helmet is an improved version of the already-excellent HJC CL-16. Take a look at its features:

  1. Fit– The helmet comes in sizes from X-Small to 5XL so that even those with massive heads can comfortably fit in this helmet. The helmet comes in a variety of solid colors and approximately eight graphics.
  2. Shell– This lightweight helmet composes an advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell. The CAD technology equipped in this helmet ensures a superior fit and comfort to the wearer.
  3. Ventilation– It is equipped with ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System; the smooth operating vents allow in the adequate airflow that flushes the heat and humidity out of the helmet. In total, there are 10 vents on the CL-17 and they are very easy to operate.
  4. Certifications– The CL-17 is both DOT and Snell certified. However, size 3XL-5XL of CL-17s are DOT only, they are not certified by Snell.
  5. Shield-The face shield has a 3D design for optimum optical clarity and includes 95-percent UV protection, an anti-scratch coating, and preparation for a Pinlock anti-fog insert. There is a side shield lock mechanism for an ultra-secure seal. For a more better version of Anti-Fog system, you can add an optional Pinlock insert (sold separately). The shield is “pin-lock ready” but the pin-lock insert is sold at an additional cost. Adding on, this helmet also has a RapidFire Shield Replacement System. This tool-less shield removal system is incredibly easy to use.
  6. Interior– This helmet is known for its comfortable interior. The crown and cheek pads are washable to keep it sanitary. The best part is that all sizes of cheek pads are interchangeable in all helmet sizes. The company claims its lining as SuperCool, which employs moisture-wicking, antibacterial fabric.
1.The tool-less RapidFire Shield Replacement System is incredibly easy to use. 1.This helmet is bit noisy.
2.It is both DOT and Snell certified. 2.A pin lock insert is not included. It has to be purchased separately.
3.The Advanced Channeling Ventilation System provides front to rear airflow. 3.As it is composed of Poly-carbonate shell, it weighs a bit more as compared to other helmets.
4.The face shield delivers 95% UV protection and comes to Pinlock-ready for riders who want to use tear-offs.

Bell Solid Adult Qualifier Street Bike Racing Motorcycle Helmet

 Started in 1954, Bell has taken its name from the city in which it was born, Bell, California. With over more than 60 years of experience, Bell is one of the best motorcycle helmet brands known for its quality and performance. Whether for auto racing, motorcycling or bicycling, Bell is synonymous amongst riders as one of the top and most appreciated brands.

Bell was the first brand to come out with a helmet for full-face and very first to combine inner form lining in a helmet with its outer shell.When it comes to safety, Bell helmets are the highest safety rated helmets on the market. They make coolest motorcycle helmets for people who are speed-hungry. Their helmets are best-suited for the speed lovers.

Bell has always been excellent about making equipment that speaks quality and style. Bell Solid Adult Qualifier Street Bike Racing Motorcycle Helmet is known for its aerodynamic ability. Take a look at its competitive features:

  1. Shield– This helmet comes with a clear shield and not a tinted one. But, the best part is that shield can be replaced effortlessly as this helmet is equipped with Click Release System. The shield is integrated with NutraFog II technology that prevents the formation of fog inside and outside the shield. The shield also gives superior protection against UV rays and any scratches.
  2. Composition– Made with a lightweight polycarbonate shell material, this helmet has a very attractive aerodynamic shell and comes in 3 different shell sizes.
  3. Certifications– It is approved by DOT, and meets ECE and AS safety standards. The best part is that this helmet comes with a 5-year warranty.
  4. Ventilation– It features adjustable vents that control the entry and restriction of air depending on the different weather conditions. Adjustable ventilation ensures comfort to the rider.
  5. Padding– The contour cheek pads are extremely comfortable and can be removed for easy cleaning. The check pads are comfortable enough to easily fit your head in the helmet. The helmet is enclosed securely through a padded chin strap with D-ring attachment. Wind collar padding drastically reduces road and wind noise
  6. Speakers– Integrated pockets are enclosed for audio speakers or headphones.

This helmet is a great fit for those who want a comfortable and durable helmet at a competitive price. Take a look at its pros and cons:

1.Shell is made of lightweight polycarbonate materials that add to the durability. 1.As ventilation system lets in too much air, this helmet becomes a bit noisy.
2.Unlike all other helmets that offer no warranty, this helmet comes with a 5-year warranty. 2.No chin curtain is included to block out the air and noise.
3.Equipped with Click Release System, shield replacement becomes simpler. 3.It only comes with a clear shield, so you need to spend an additional fee to get the tinted visor.
4.It is approved by DOT and meets ECE and AS safety standards. 4.Although the shield is scratch resistant, still it gets scratches easily. So you need to take great care of this helmet.
5.Speaker pockets for headphones are integrated.
6.Padded chin strap with D-ring attachment ensures safety.

Best Motorcycle Helmets for 2019 – Top Model Reviews and Comparison:

Compiling the products listed above, below is the comparison table for you to choose from:

Model Shell Material Size Certifications
Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016  A thermoplastic shell It is available in four sizes – small, medium, large, and extra large. DOT FMVSS N.218 approved
Shoei RF-1200 Helmet Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi-Ply is used for construction It comes in four shell sizes ranging from XS to XXL. DOT and Snell certified.
Bell Solid Adult Qualifier Shell is made of lightweight polycarbonate materials Size ranges from XS to XXL. It is approved by DOT, and meets ECE and AS safety standards.
Duke Helmets DK-120 Aerodynamic shell design constructed using an advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy. Size ranges from XS to XXL. DOT Certified
HJC CL-17 Mission  This has an advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell. It comes in sizes from X-Small to 5XL. DOT and Snell certified.

Always go for a lightweight helmet. The heavier a helmet it is the more it will fatigue your shoulders and neck when you are leaning over in your riding position Select the helmet that fits your requirements and specifications.

Rating Table of Best Motorcycle Helmets for 2019

Best Motorcycle Helmets 2019: Recommended by experts
  • Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet
  • Shoei RF-1200 Motorcycle Helmet
  • Duke Helmets DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet
  • HJC CL-17 Mission Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet
  • Bell Solid Adult Qualifier Street Bike Racing Motorcycle Helmet


Cheap motorcycle helmets are a havoc to your safety. Thus, just for a few more pennies do not compromise on the comfort and safety aspects.Select the helmet that fits your requirements and specifications.