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Best Longboards For Beginners 2019 : Complete Buying Guide

The trend of longboarding has caught the world by storm. Longboards are excellent modes of transportation. Be it for day-to-day commuting or cruising down the hills, longboards have been the most preferred source of transport.

A lot of companies have entered in the longboard industry, bringing some of the best longboards for beginners in the market.

Longboards are available for both novices and professionals. They come in different shapes, styles and each longboard have some different features, to suit your riding styles and abilities.

Types of Longboards:

  1. Downhill– Also known as bombing, it is the most extreme version of longboarding where riders go down long hills at the fastest speeds possible. It is not at all recommended for the beginners. Downhill longboards tend to provide greater stability as they are flat and have long wheelbases. Larger, softer wheels offer a smoother ride on rough terrain.At faster speeds, only a board that doesn’t have a lot of flex will work. Don’t forget to wear protective gear and pads when doing downhill racing.
  2. Cruisers– These are usually the first that comes to mind when you think of longboards. Cruisers have become a huge scene. They make day-day commuting or carving and cruising the streets way easier. These type of boards are purchased for commuting to places and are not at all focused on speeds. These boards are usually flexible enough to provide a smoother ride even on roughest terrains. The pintails are the most popular shape for this style of riding, but a lot of other shapes are available in this segment too.
  3. Freeride– Another popular style of longboarding is free-riding. As the name suggests, it means riding freely wherever you want. A rider can simply do whatever he wants. To practice this style of longboarding, always go for a stiff board. symmetrical boards with kick tails are the most popular in this category. Moreover, for beginners, the freestyle decks are a great option if they aren’t sure which style of riding they wish to pursue. This style is all about tricks, creativity. Go ahead and have fun with this style of longboarding.

As there is a lot of crossover between freeride and downhill, therefore many riders use the same deck for both disciplines. A longboard features a lot of components, therefore how to choose a longboard is a question that you need to understand before making a purchase:

best longboard for beginners

How to Choose a Longboard?

  1. Deck– It forms the basis of any longboard, thus it is the most important component to consider while purchasing a longboard. Longboard decks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.The majority of decks are made from either maple or bamboo. Maple tends to be more durable while bamboo is flexible. Other materials used are fiberglass, aluminium, polycarbonate and carbon fiber in the construction of a longboard deck.
  2. Trucks– Trucks are a T-shaped piece of metal that connects the deck of the longboard to the wheels.There are two main kinds of longboard trucks, traditional kingpin, and reverse kingpin. Reverse kingpin trucks are more stable as compared to the traditional kingpin trucks, thus traditional kingpin trucks are not suitable for speed. Reverse kingpin trucks are truly recommended for beginners. Most of the boards these days, have reverse kingpin trucks only.
  3. Bushings– These are the little pieces of urethane that allow your trucks to turn. It is important as a beginner to know about how to tighten and loosen your trucks. Tightening the trucks makes them more stable less responsive to turning and vice versa.
  4. Wheels– The diameter(size) and the durometer (hardness) are the two main aspects of longboard wheels. The longer decks work better with larger wheels and shorter boards work better with smaller wheels. The vice-versa can cause wheel bite. Most longboard wheels have a durometer somewhere between 70a and 90a (70a being the softest, and 90a being the hardest). Soft wheels generally have more grip than hard wheels, thus offers a smoother ride. However, hard wheels are easy for sliding.

In addition to these components, the cost is a very important factor while buying a board. If you are a beginner who is just looking at getting into longboarding, then take a look at some of the best longboards for beginners that won’t break your bank.

 5 Best Longboards for Beginners:

Atom Drop-Through Longboard

Atom Longboards was launched in 2005 and these are the highest value boards for your money. Rare are the brands that give the best of the quality at a reasonable price, and Atom Longboards is one amongst those few.

Be it carving or cruising, i.e. No matter what the purpose, Atom has the ability to design a board specifically tailored to your needs and budget. A fascinating part of the brand is that their longboards are being designed by riders.

Thus, they understand the needs of the riders well and are honestly priced.Usually, to lower the price, longboards are made of a subpar material, but Atom Longboards are an exception to this.

Take a look at the features of this amazing longboard by one of the best longboard brands in the industry:

  1. Deck– This stiff longboard is fully constructed out of a maple laminate which is a strong material. The deck ensures stability and comfort to the rider.The solid base and a strong structure lend an enjoyable ride making the whole experience of riding this longboard mesmerizing.
  2. Design– Despite being 41-inches it is pretty lightweight, thus easy to carry and transport. This perimeter shaped board comes with a lower centre of gravity that lowers the risk of falling off the deck whenever an obstacle is encountered. With this longboard, you will never have to worry about wheel-bite again.
  3. Bearings– This board is equipped with some high-quality ABEC 9 bearings and high-speed lube that makes it perfect for making curves down hills and around roads. It has the right amount of flex and can pick up high speed while going down hills.
  4. Wheels– One of the most attractive features of this longboard is its 70-by-51 millimeter super-high rebound urethane wheels that delivers one of the most easy-going rides possible.Usually, drop-through boards are not used for sliding, but this one is an exception.
  5. Trucks– It is equipped with the Reverse kingpin trucks with 245 mm axles, which ensures durability and a comfortable ride.
    In times where most quality longboards do not come cheap, this board is truly a blend of quality and affordability. This is undoubtedly one of the best longboards for the beginners. Take a look at its pros and cons:

    1.This is exceptionally cheap compared to the longboards of the similar quality. 1.At high speeds, this board might not be able to make a tight 90 degree turn around any corners.
    2.The design of the board is classy with no unnecessary flashes and design.
    3.The lower center of the gravity keeps the rider closer to the ground; minimising the risk of injury.
    4.The super-amazing urethane wheels deliver the smoothest ride.
    5.It is made from the high-quality material; thus easy to maneuver.
    6.It is designed in a way to ensure the comfort of all the users including professionals, intermediate and beginner riders plus it comes with one-year warranty

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

Yocaher is a wholesale company based out of Los Angeles, California that was established in 1975. They carry a variety of longboard shapes that tailor to all riding styles.

It is one of the best longboard brands that is known to make creative and sophisticated longboards that are a modified version of their previous product.

So with every new product, they bring something new to the table; one of the reasons this brand is extremely popular among the youngsters.

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard is known for its elegant design and high performance. You can use this board for downhill, cruising and even for some freestyle riding. Take a look at its features:

  1. Design– Drop Down Stained longboard comes in 22 different variants that will match the liking of almost any rider; so you have ample options to choose from. It is 25 inches long and as the center of the deck is lower to the ground, it takes less effort to push yourself along.
  2. Deck– The concave deck gives more stability to the deck as it allows for better traction between your shoes and the deck. Thus, it allows for a smoother ride even on long distances.
  3. Bearings– It is equipped with high- quality ABEC 7 bearings and a black widow premium grade 80A black grip tape that lends more durability to this board.
  4. Flex– This is a no-flex board; thus only suitable for the riders that prefer non-flexing longboards.
  5. Trucks– This board is equipped with HD7 Heavy Duty Trucks that gives stability to this board.
  6. Wheels– It is equipped with Q-Ball 70mm by 52mm wheels which have a durometer rating of 78A. The soft wheels give you a lot of stability.
  7. Assembly- This board comes pre-assembled. So, there is no hassle of assembling the parts.

Undoubtedly, this is a great value for money. Take a look at its pros and cons of this best beginner longboard:

1.This is one of the best boards for speed boarding as it offers a tight turning radius. 1.Bearings are a bit stiff; initially, can pose a little problem to the pro-riders.
2.Available in whopping 22 colors and styles; something for everyone to choose from.
3.It’s lowered down deck makes it convenient to ride on long distances.
4.Come pre-assembled. No hassle of assembling.

Quest Skateboards Best Bamboo Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Great graphics, beautiful natural artisan wood finishes, and good quality composite materials are what defines the quest skateboards and longboards.

At the very beginning, they were just into the category of designing basic longboards, but now they are known to produce more high-quality longboards and best skateboards for beginners:

The high standard materials used to make the quest skateboards makes this board one of the most preferred longboards. Take a look at its features:

  1. Design– This 44-Inch Artisan Bamboo Longboard is a great board for beginners and intermediate riders alike. The beautiful design on the underside of the board is truly eye-catching and lends a luxurious feel to this board. Logo on the top side of the board looks fascinating than the black grip tape. The turning radius of this kick-tail board is slightly bigger than other boards in this segment.
  2. Deck– The 44-inch deck of this board is made using multiple plies of maple and bamboo wood. Though made of multiple plies, it is still lightweight and offers multiple strength than single ply. Bamboo gives this board a dampening effect while riding this board. It also lends some flexibility to the board thereby reducing the stress on the knees of the rider.
  3. Wheels– The polyurethane wheels are 70mm in diameter that offers a more stable ride. Larger wheels are known to give more stability and a faster ride.
  4. Trucks- It is equipped with lightweight and rugged 7-Inch aluminium trucks that are large enough to avoid the wheel bite.
  5. Bearings– It includes precision ABEC 5 bearings with hollow 4mm risers that lend a smoothness to your ride.

This board is perfectly suitable for longboarding for beginners and will cater to all their riding requirements. Let’s sum up the pros and cons of this board:

1.The 44-inch of board length makes it perfect for downhill and cruising. It is one of the largest longboards available in the market. 1.As it’s turning radius is slightly bigger, this board is not suitable for carving.
2.The board has larger polyurethane wheels which lend a more stable ride. The  Polyurethane protects the wheels from overheat and the sunshine.
3.The decks are flexible enough to maintain speed even on bumpy terrains.
4.This board is smooth and easy to handle even at top speeds.

Atom Pintail Longboard

The company claims to deliver just great products, designed by riders, at honest prices and a must say that they have lived up to their promise.

Their products are super-affordable and a great value for money. All their products speak quality and are truly appreciated by all levels of riders, alike.

Atom Pintail Longboard is a perfect longboard for beginners to intermediate rider. The best part is that it is built in such a way that there is almost no danger of any wheel bite forming. Take a look at the details of this best beginner longboard: 

  1. Design– It comes in different colors and you can change the color of different parts, as per your taste. The symmetrical pintail design is truly eye-catching and helps in making very sharp turns smoothly, thus avoiding the risk of wheel-bite.
  2. Deck– The deck is a key feature of this longboard. The Atom Pintail measures 39 inches long and has a 9.4- inch wide deck.The deck is made out of full maple laminate that lends stiffness to the board, which makes it best for carving, cruising and commuting. The deck has a slight concave that makes it appropriate for performing a wide range of tricks.
  3. Trucks– The 8.5 inches long aluminium trucks is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of this board. The turning ability these trucks leads to this board is truly appreciable. Initially, just loosen the bolts for some flexibility and after that, you are good to go.
  4. Wheels- It is equipped with soft 65 mm super-high rebound 78A urethane wheels that make it easier to ride this board on rougher terrains. So, you can enjoy a smoother ride even on uneven or bumpy roads.fas
  5. Bearings– It has 22- millimeter ABEC 5 bearings that help you to enjoy a smoother ride. They are not the best in the market but are suitable enough for beginners.

For a smooth gliding experience, Atom Pintail Longboard is a perfect fit for all the riders. Let’s review its pros and cons:

1.The wide wheel-base gives the board stability at higher speeds. 1.Bearings could have been improved.
2.The maple laminated deck gives the board a perfect finish and also increases the longevity of the board.
3.The board comes in a classic deck shape that helps you avoid wheel bite. Thus, it is perfect for beginners.
4.Because of its length, it is sufficiently easy to control.
5.Price of this board is super-reasonable.

Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Complete Longboard Skateboard

Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Complete Longboard Skateboard is made from the best quality materials. Its maple deck has a medium flex that makes it a great board for cruising and day-to-day commuting in the streets.

Made from the best components possible, this board is every rider’s favorite. Take a look at its features:

  1. Deck– It has a unique teardrop-shaped deck that is 40 inches long and is made of 7-plywood. Its natural design is well polished and is appealing to the eyes. On top of it, a five-star grip tape enhances the whole look of the board that gives stability to the rider while riding this board. Due to the lower center of the deck of this board, it has a low center of gravity.
  2. Trucks– The 180mm aluminium trucks gives stiffness to the board that ensures a safer and smoother ride.
  3. Wheels– The 70mm wheels have a 78a rating of hardness and are big enough to encounter any obstacle with ease. It also complies ABEC-7 bearings and plastic risers.
  4. Graphics– This is a no-graphics board, i.e. the underside of this skateboard is blank. Now the best part is that you can customize it in whatever way you want. Even if you decide to leave it blank, it’s natural polish is capable enough to lend that luxurious appeal to the board.
  5. Bearings– It comes with ABEC 7 chrome bearings and includes a hanger of 180 millimeters that lends smoothness and durability to this board.

This board can be used for both the beginner and advanced level rider. Take a look at its pros and cons:

1.This board is ideal for beginners and make for excellent campus cruisers. 1.For riders who perform tricks on the board trucks may seem a bit less flexible, i.e. they are too tight.
2.It comes fully assembled so there is no hassle of assembling the board. 2.Bearings need replacement time and again.
3.The board has one of the most apt shapes possible; as this shape prevents the wheels from contacting with the board.
4.Because of its length, it is sufficiently easy to control.
5.The perfect hardness level of the wheels absorbs the shock and stains properly.

Amongst various best longboards for beginners, choose the one that fits your requirement. We hope that the information provided will help you choose the best longboard for your riding style. Below is the comparison table of the above- mentioned products. Take a look:

Comparison Table of Best Longboards For Beginners 2018

Models Length Deck Bearings Trucks Wheels
Atom Drop Through Longboard 41 inches long A maple laminated deck ABEC 9 bearings Reverse kingpin trucks with 245 mm axles 70-by-51 millimeter super-high rebound urethane wheels
Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Longboard 41.25 inches A concave deck ABEC 7 bearings HD7 Heavy Duty Trucks Q-Ball 70mm by 52mm wheels
Quest Skateboards Bamboo Super Cruiser Longboard 44 inch Made using multiple plies of maple and bamboo wood ABEC 5 bearings 7-Inch aluminium trucks 70 mm polyurethane wheels
Atom Pintail Longboard 39 inch A maple laminated deck ABEC 5 bearings 8.5 inches long aluminium trucks 65 mm super-high rebound 78A urethane wheels
Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Complete Longboard 40 inch A teardrop-shaped deck ABEC 7 chrome bearings 180mm aluminium trucks Q-Ball 70x52mm Wheels 78A Hardness,

Rating Table of Best Longboards for Beginners

Let’s agree to the fact that ‘how to choose a longboard’ is tough for a beginner. The first board you choose for yourself, makes a lot of difference.

Best Longboards for Beginners 2019


There are many components that can improve your longboarding experience. It is important to know about the longboard deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings before making a purchase.