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Top 5 Best Longboard Brands for 2019 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide!!

Novice longboarders usually have a tough time when it comes to selecting a board that suits their requirement. Different types of board are available for different types of riding style. A freestyle board may not be appropriate for downhill longboarding and vice-versa.

While looking for a longboard, the most important aspect is safety, which should not be compromised at any cost. A longboard via a good and reputed brand ensures the safety of the board and carries the legacy of the brand.

Thus, always go for a board whose brand name you can trust and relate to. Longboards are available for both novices and professionals. They come in different shapes, styles and each longboard have some different features, to suit your riding styles and abilities.

Types of Longboards

  1. Downhill– Also known as bombing, it is the most extreme version of longboarding where riders go down long hills at the fastest speeds possible. It is not at all recommended for the beginners. Downhill longboards tend to provide greater stability as they are flat and have long wheelbases. Larger, softer wheels offer a smoother ride on rough terrain.At faster speeds, only a board that doesn’t have a lot of flex will work. Don’t forget to wear protective gear and pads when doing downhill racing.
  2. Cruisers- These are usually the first that comes to mind when you think of longboards. Cruisers have become a huge scene. They make day-day commuting or carving and cruising the streets way easier. These type of boards are purchased for commuting to places and are not at all focused on speeds. These boards are usually flexible enough to provide a smoother ride even on roughest terrains. The pintails are the most popular shape for this style of riding, but a lot of other shapes are available in this segment too.
  3. Freeride– Another popular style of longboarding is free-riding. As the name suggests, it means riding freely wherever you want. A rider can simply do whatever he wants. To practice this style of longboarding, always go for a stiff board. symmetrical boards with kick tails are the most popular in this category. Moreover, for beginners, the freestyle decks are a great option if they aren’t sure which style of riding they wish to pursue. This style is all about tricks, creativity. Go ahead and have fun with this style of longboarding.

best longboard brands

A lot of top longboard brands have made their mark in the longboard industry. Take a look at a few of the best longboard brands available:

5 Best Longboard Brands of Market

Sector 9 Longboards

The story of the establishment of one of the best longboard brands in the industry started in owner’s La Jolla backyard in 1993. Started in Southern California, the company today has its roots in almost every part of the world. From La Jolla, they moved to San Diego where their headquarters remains today.

With more than 22 years of experience, this brand has been continuously upgrading itself to provide its customers the best of technology and riding experience.

Sector 9 stocks highest quality Skateboard Decks, Completes, Wheels, Trucks, tools & accessories for surf, skate, and snowboarding!

This brand is known for elite quality innovative products that are bound to deliver a high-quality performance. Whether it is for cruising or carving or downhill riding, sector 9 longboards are bound to meet your requirements. This brand is known to provide some of the best top notch longboards.

The best part about sector 9 longboard is that whether you are a beginner or a professional rider, it has suitable products to match your requirement.

Atom Longboards

Thinking of buying a longboard and Atom doesn’t come to your mind? That’s not possible. This longboard brand has been highly rated in the longboard industry.

The brand that emerged in 2005 has been topping the charts when it comes to providing qualitative products. Atom is known for its quality of materials used in making the longboards.

Rare are the good longboard brands that give the best of the quality at a reasonable price, and Atom Longboards is one amongst those few. Be it carving or cruising, i.e. No matter what the purpose, Atom has the ability to design a board specifically tailored to your needs and budget.

Usually, cheaper longboards are made from sub-par material to lower the price, but that is not the case with Atom. They make quality boards that are tailored according to the need of the clients.

A fascinating part of the brand is that their longboards are being designed by riders. Thus, they understand the needs of the riders well and accordingly, scrutinize what areas might be okay to spend less money on and what areas not to go cheap on.

Therefore, nobody beats Atom when it comes to value for money. They are able to create a board that most people can afford. Thus, it is popular amongst all types of riders.

Yocaher Longboards

Yocaher is a wholesale company based out of Los Angeles, California that was established in 1975. Back in 2001, their focus was only on selling entry-level and pro-model skateboards, but now they are more focused towards longboards and have become one of the most talked about brands in the longboard industry.

So with every new product, they bring something new to the table; one of the reasons this brand is extremely popular among the youngsters.

Santa Cruz Longboards

With their groundbreaking designs and classy style, Santa Cruz longboards need no introduction. It is one of the most reputed brands whose work and quality products speak for themselves.

The company first introduced their skateboard in 1973. With over more than 40 years of skateboard knowledge and experience, they have ruled the longboard market. Be it a longboard for freeriding, cruising or down hilling, Santa Cruz has a unique board to match the particular riding style.

They were the first one to invent sealed position bearing wheels and after that, there was no turning back. Within few months of the launch of this design, they were producing more than

The most highlighting part of these longboards that differentiates it from rest of the brands is its graphics. The design and color of their boards are truly exceptional and eye-catching. One of the main reasons that customers cling to their longboards is its unique graphics. The vivid colors are surely going to stun you.

Santa Cruz Skateboards and Santa Cruz longboards are surely going to impress you as a beginner. These boards give an easy and enjoyable on board riding experience.The premium quality components these Santa Cruz longboards imbibe at such a price, surely, make them a great value for money.

Quest Longboards

From beginners to experienced skaters, this best Longboard Brand makes longboards to match the needs of all types of riders. Their longboards come with a long lasting service and are reasonably priced. Their longboards are true of high quality and speak of style and class.

The elegant designing on these boards is bound to turn heads. Whether the rider wants to just cruise around the streets or they want to go downhill or carving from one way to the other, Quest has a board for each of them.

The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard is one of the most popular beginner longboards out there.

Closing Thoughts

An immense drift of popularity towards Longboards has given rise to a lot of best longboard brands in this segment. However, to enjoy this truly magnificent sport you need to buy a perfect piece that matches your requirements.

Best Longboard Brands
  • Sector 9 Longboards
  • Atom Longboards
  • Yocaher Longboards
  • Santa Cruz Longboards
  • Quest Longboards


Buying a longboard is an investment decision. Make a wise and planned decision to reap its benefits.