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10 Best Fixed Blade Knife of 2019 – Tips & Reviews for Choosing Yours

Ever faced a wilderness survival situation? If yes, then you’ll understand the importance of survival knife. Be it camping or any emergency situation, a survival knife is the most valuable tool that comes to the rescue.

It’s not easy to make a decision as the market is flooded with survival knives. Thus, choosing the one that matches your needs gets tough. Take a look at :

Features You Should Consider While Making a Purchase

  1. Full-tang blade– the blade runs from the point and through the handle. This allows you to use the knife for hammering and pummeling. Full tang knives are simply superior quality. They are much stronger and more reliable than a partial tang.
  2. Blade Material– Survival knives are usually made of either carbon steel or stainless steel.Carbon steel is generally stronger and easier to sharpen in the wild.
  3. Fixed or Folding– This is one of the most common questions asked by a lot of first-time users. While a folding knife is easier to carry on a day-to-day basis, but in long-term nothing matches the durability and quality of a fixed-blade knife. A fixed-blade knife is a more reliable tool. However, a fixed blade knife requires a sheath, if you want to carry it along.
  4. Edge– You can choose between a straight edge versus a serrated edge survival knife. Now, this totally depends on your preference. A straight edge is overall more versatile than a serrated edge blade.
  5. Point– Always go for a sharp, pointed tip and avoid very curvy tips. A sharp and pointed tip is more stable as compared to the other one.
  6. Sheath– A good sheath protects the knife. With a sheath, place your knife on your belt, pack, leg, vest, or wherever you find it convenient.

best fixed blade knife

Let’s take a look at

Best Fixed Blade Survival Knives Available in the Market 

Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Knife Deluxe Kit with Ankle Wrap

Talking about a good quality, economical knife and Gerber does not come to mind, is not possible. Without a question, this brand enjoys an outstanding reputation among consumers.

Based in Portland, Oregon the Gerber Legendary Blades have been designing some of the best quality knives since 1930’s. Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Knife is also built in Gerber’s Portland, Oregon production center.

With an overall length of just under 7 inches, the blade of this knife is made of 420 High Carbon steel and is coated with black ceramic, that is both corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant. The knife is full-tang and has a skeletal frame.

This lightweight knife provides a great grip. However, the grip will feel a bit hard as the knife has a steel frame and not a rubber frame. Given the fact that the knife is full-tang, you will be amazed to see that how light this knife is.

The handles are coated with a black rubberized overmold, which encompasses a diamond texture. Along the finger grooves, there is jimping that provides improved grip. A slight depression on the blade’s spine provides a better thumb placement.

It features a modular plastic sheath, made of Kydex that can be set up for vertical, inverted, or horizontal carry on either side of the body. Gerber offers a Full Lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

SOG SEAL Pup Elite Fixed Blade MOLLE Compatible Nylon Sheath

SOG is a brand that defines quality. Their knives are engineered with precision and are built to perform. It would be wrong to term SOG SEAL Pup Elite Fixed Blade E37SN-CP as a survival knife. It is more of a general utility knife or can be termed in the category of fixed blade tactical knives.

This knife is about 9.5 inches long and extremely sharp. This lightweight knife features a full tang AUS-8 stainless steel blade that is in clip point shape.

The steel blade has undergone SOG’s proprietary Cryogenic Heat Treatment process, which has increased the blade’s durability and edge retention. The knife is coated with titanium nitride that strengthens the blade.

The blade has plenty of jumping on the spine that makes it non-slippery. The knife has an added blade spine rasp for notching, filing, and thumb placement.
The handle features textured scales and is made with a glass-reinforced Zytel. The handle has been given 4 finger grooves and has a ramp for your thumb, which makes it extremely comfortable to hold.
The knife comes with a nylon sheath. You can also replace it with a Kydex sheath, just for a few more bucks. The sheath is MOLLE compatible and has a plastic insert that provides rigidity. Two holes are located at the bottom of the sheath for tie down points. The front one has a decent size pocket that can hold your multi-tools.

The knife has multiple MOLLE attachment loops and tie-down grommets at each corner, which means you can attach it to anything you feel like. A snap strap along with a Velcro flap is there around the bottom of the handle, which keeps the knife in place.

Comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Given the features and the price range, this knife is the best fixed blade knife available. 

Cold Steel Recon Scout Black Kraton Handle with Black Blade

Since 1980, Cold Steel has been making some of the best-fixed blade survival knives that are appreciated globally.  They have a strong customer loyalty as overtime they launch a knife, they offer something innovative to their customers.

Recon Scout is the smaller version of Cold Steel’s famous Trail Master.

This is a fixed blade knife, which is made in Taiwan. The overall knife length is 12 1/2”. The blade is made from VG-1 San Mai III steel, which is one of the best steels available for knives.

The blade is thick and is in the shape of clip point that is specifically designed to withstand the most extreme abuse in the most extreme conditions. The cutting edge of the knife is slightly curved, which gives an excellent grip while making quick movements with the knife.

This full-tang knife includes a Secure-Ex sheath. The knife features a Kraton handle which provides excellent shock absorption. You will find a lanyard hole towards the pommel end of the handle.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the toughest best-fixed blade knives that you’ll come across. The knife works great even while performing arduous tasks.

Benchmade Osborne Fixed Contego Plain Edge Contoured Black G10 Handle

Benchmade is one of the most popular knife manufacturers that enjoys a reliable customer base. It began in 1979 in California. Moving to Clackamas, Oregon in 1990, the company sells quality knives.

They released knives designed by renowned knife maker Warren Osborne, and one of the models amongst them is the Fixed Contego. The moment you hold this knife you can feel the quality. In Latin the meaning of contego is “protect” or “shield,” and this knife lives by its name.

It is a tough, durable weapon suitable for a number of different applications.

This knife has a reverse tanto blade that is made from CPM-S30V premium stainless steel. You can choose between a gray/satin finish as well as a Black finish. There is also an option to choose between plain or partially serrated edge. In simple words, you can make a choice depending on your preference.

The contoured handle has stainless steel linings with G10 scales with an AXIS locking system. The knife also comes with multiple positions, molded Kydex sheath with an adjustable detent.This knife is perfect for tactical use. 

Buck Knives Sentry Fixed Blade Tactical Knife with MOLLE Compatible Sheath

Buck knives have been expanding their line of knives and inducing modern technology in knives to provide their customers the best quality possible. Buck Knives 0822BKX Sentry is a tactical knife that serves as a personal guard for field missions.

The overall length of this knife is 9.5″. The knife features a 420HC steel blade with nonreflective black traction coating. Non-reflective means the blade doesn’t reflect light. This blade provides excellent corrosion Resistance.

The knife features a partially serrated edge. The full tang blade comes with a blade guard for added strength and safety. Advanced Edge2x blade technology provides excellent cutting.

It comes with a heavy-duty plastic textured handle. It includes a heavy duty M.O.L.L.E. compatible black nylon sheath.This made in USA fixed blade knife comes with Forever Warranty. It is one of the best-fixed blade tactical knives available.  

Zero Tolerance 0180 Hinderer Fieldtac Knife

There is no doubt about the fact that Zero Tolerance knives have gained global popularity. Who doesn’t know about Rick Hinderer, and when both of them collaborated, the result is an amazing quality of knives that are appreciated and loved globally.

0180 is a fixed blade, full-tang knife. Its overall length is 9.2 Inches. The size of this lightweight knife is impressive. The shorter fixed blade of this knife is made of Vanadis 4 Extra powder metallurgical cold work steel, offers resistance to chipping and cracking.

The blade is made of high-quality and is built for tough use. This blade also has a Tungsten DLC non-reflective coating.

It features G-10 handle scales that adds durability to the knife. The handle locks right into the hand and the forefinger contour provides grip security. On the blade spine, near the handle, there is heavy jimping that further enhances grip.

This knife is also equipped with a small single guard that ensures safety. It features a Chain-ring hardware.

This knife includes a belt nylon sheath with polymer inlay that is made in the USA. It is compatible with the MOLLE system. Overall, this versatile tool is a perfect fit for any environment.

Cold Steel 39LSF Leatherneck SF

Cold Steel as a brand needs no introduction. Cold Steel Company is engaged in manufacturing the strongest and the sharpest knives since 1980. It is the most favorite brand of law enforcement units and the military’s across the world.

They make some of the very fine high-quality knives with some of the amazing innovative features.

Cold Steel 39LSF Leatherneck SF is a fixed blade knife that acts both as a tactical and a survival knife. The overall size of this best fixed blade knife is 11.75 inches.

The blade of this knife is made from German D2 Tool Steel and finished with a nonreflective, and non-corrosive Diamond Like Coating. The blades are sharp and pointy and can handle even the hardest tasks with ease.

The handle of the Cols Steel 39LSF Leatherneck knife is made of checkered Kray which gives it an extra wide tang.

The knife features a thick and a superior solid steel guard that provides an excellent gripping. The knife is capped with a thick, machined steel butt cap that can even act as a hammer in case of emergency situations.

It includes a versatile Secure-Ex sheath with a belt loop that is fully detachable. This knife comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Overall, this best-fixed blade knife is a long lasting knife that is worth the buy.

Ka-Bar Becker Companion Fixed Blade Knife with HD Polyester

KA-BAR is a company that every knife user will recognize. Made in the USA, the company manufactures some of the best quality knives available in the market. The immense durability of their products is one of the key reasons behind their popularity.

It is one of the best pocket knife brand available in the market.

This lightweight knife features a 1095 cro-van steel blade, which is durable and offers strength. This high-quality blade is just over 5 inches in length. If cared for properly this blade can last for your entire life.

To protect the blade, it is covered with a powder coating. The handle is made of Grivory which is a heavy-duty polymer and then the butt of the blade is quite effective.

This full-tang knife has an excellent grip. There is a slight inner curve that makes handling this knife easier. The balance between the blade and tongue is well maintained, making the knife secure and easy to use.

The pommel of this knife is extended, lending more versatility to the knife.

The heavy-duty polyester sheath of this knife is excellent and an improvement over the original BK2 sheath. It is made with better and secure clips. The sheath has a Velcro belt strap and a small pocket situated on the front as well as two grip retention straps. All this ensures that knife is securely placed on the belt.

Schrade Small Extreme Survival One-Piece Drop Forged Spear Point Fixed Blade

Schrade has completely redefined the concept of delivering a high-quality product at an affordable price. They are one of the oldest brands that have been producing some of the most common pocket folding knives in America.

SCHF1SM is a medium sized knife with a length of 12.7″ and it weighs almost 18 ounces. This small fixed blade knife is extremely lightweight.

This durable knife is made of one solid piece of SAE 1070 High Carbon Steel and features a very functional drop point edge. The knife has a light grey matte finish that is appealing to the eyes.

It is a hollow handled knife. Usually, hollow handles break down when are prone to tougher use, but SCHF1SM is different. As it is one piece construction, it works well and won’t break even in toughest of situations.

There is a screwdriver set inside the handle, which is easily removable. A steel cap is also threaded to the end of the hollow handle. The handle of this knife is smaller. It can be an issue if the user has big hands.

The knife has a nylon sheath with a plastic insert and an external pocket.

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Kraton Handle Zytel Sheath

Fallkniven, a brand out of Sweden was founded in 1984 and have been designing some of the best blades since 1987. Their blades are truly impressive and are bound to become your favorite the moment you start handling them. All their products are a perfect blend of design, ergonomics, and economy.

A1 is a medium size survival knife. The 6.3 inches blade is in drop point design. The powerful blade of A1 is made of extremely hard yet tough laminated VG10 steel and will withstand the stress of hard use.

The handle on this full-tang knife is constructed of Kraton, which is a semi-rubbery kind of material. Now the best part is that although it a full-tang knife, it still features a metal at the end of the handle.

The benefit of the metal is that even if the handle broke off, you would still be able to use it.You can also use that the metal protrudes a little bit, which makes it capable of doing hammering if necessary.

The textured handle is thick and extremely comfortable as it provides the user with the adequate amount of support required. A1 features a lightweight Zytel (polymer) sheath.

Fallkniven A1 is a water repelling concept which works just as well in extreme cold as in stifling heat. Storage is also not a problem as it uses a snap button to ensure the knife stays in place. A clip on the back allows you to wear it right on your belt.

This extremely versatile product is nearly unbreakable that is bound to meet or exceed your expectations. Totally worth every single penny you will spend on this.

Comparison Tables Best Fixed Blade Knife

Choose a knife that matches your requirement. It’s important to choose a knife that is the right size for you and your situation.

Here is a comparison table of some of the best fixed blade knives, which will help you to make a better choice:

Model Blade Material Sheath Handle Length
Gerber Ghoststrike 420 High Carbon steel Plastic sheath Diamond texture rubber handle under 7 inches
SOG SEAL Pup Elite Fixed Blade E37SN-CP AUS-8 stainless steel blade Nylon sheath Glass-reinforced Zytel 9.5 inches
Cold Steel Recon Scout VG-1 San Mai III steel Secure-Ex sheath Kraton Handle 12 1/2 inches
Benchmade Osborne Fixed Contego CPM-S30V premium stainless steel. Molded Kydex sheath G10 handle scales 11 3/8 inches
Buck Knives 0822BKX Sentry 420HC steel blade Nylon sheath Heavy duty plastic textured handle 9.5 inches
Zero Tolerance 0180 Vanadis 4 extra Nylon sheath G-10 handle scales 9.2 Inches
Cold Steel 39LSF German D2 Tool Steel Secure-Ex sheath Checkered kray 11.75 inches
Ka-Bar BK-22 1095 cro-van steel blade Heavy-duty polyester sheath Grivory 10 1/2 inches
Schrade SCHF1SM SAE 1070 High Carbon Steel Nylon sheath Hollow handled 12.7 inches
Fallkniven A1 VG10 steel Zytel (polymer) sheath Kraton handle 11 1/8 inches

Rating Table of Best Fixed Blade Knives of 2019

Best fixed blade survival knives


There is no single knife that will be perfect for all situations, so choose a knife that fits well as per your needs and requirement.