Best Climbing Ropes of 2019

The climbing rope is one of the most essential items of your safety gear. These days climbing ropes are made of stronger materials like Nylon. You may buy different ropes that suit each type of climbing you do, or a single rope for all kind of activities totally depends upon the personal preference.

Factors need to be considered before you make a purchase

If you’re shopping for a climbing rope, a lot of factors need to be considered before you make a purchase. Let’s look at them:

  1. Diameter– Choosing a rope diameter balances the whole act. Thick ropes have a great diameter that implies excellent durability and more weight. Conversely, thin ropes are lightweight and less durable. In case you are a beginner, it is better to go for thicker ropes because of their durability and extended lifespan. Medium ropes are best suited for sport or trad climbers. For fast and pro climbers who cover multi-pitches, thin ropes work the best.
  2. Length– Climbing ropes range in length from 30m to 80m. A 60m rope is the standard length and will meet almost all your needs. Just follow a simple rule before buying your rope, it needs to twice in length than the route you plan to climb. Shorter-length ropes are mainly suitable for the gym or indoor climbing, as indoor routes are usually shorter than outdoor routes.
  3. Weight– The weight of the rope is directly linked to the length and diameter of the rope. Thicker ropes are heavier than the skinnier ropes. The weight is listed as grams per meter.
  4. Safety Ratings– Do consider these safety ratings before you make a purchase. Safety ratings also depend upon what type of climbing you do. So make sure to buy the rope accordingly.
  5. Dry Treatment– When a rope gets wet and absorbs water, it gets heavier and in case it is cold enough for absorbed water to freeze, then the rope gets stiff and difficult to manage. Ropes are treated with dry treatments to reduce water absorption. Dry-treated ropes are bit expensive in price as compared to the non-dry-treated ropes. For small indoor climbs or sports climbs, a non-dry rope works perfectly fine. For outdoor adventures like ice climbing, mountaineering, etc. go for ropes that are treated with dry treatments.
  6. Middle mark– It indicates the middle of the rope that helps the climber while rappelling. These days bicolor ropes are trending as they differentiate the two halves of the rope easily.
  7. Impact force– The higher the dynamic elongation, the lower the impact force. It is measured in kilonewtons. Lower impact forces lead to greater stretch and provide a soft landing on the rope when you fall.
  8. Dynamic Elongation– How much the rope stretches during its first UIAA test fall, is what dynamic elongation all about. The dynamic elongation has been limited by UIAA to 40 percent, because in case of too much elongation, the rope stretches too much, making you hit the ground.
  9. Static Elongation– Also known as working elongation, this measure the rope stretch with an 80kg weight hanging from it. Less of it is better. It is more relevant for top-rope climbing and big wall climbs.

best climbing ropes 2018

Buying your first climbing rope can be a daunting task.  To help you buy climbing rope, we have listed some of the best climbing ropes of 2018. Take a look:

Petzl Mambo 10.1mm Climbing Rope

Made out of nylon, this rope has 10.1 mm diameter that lends versatility and makes it appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. With a sturdy feel, this rope has a higher weight of 65 grams per meter.

It has an impact force of 8.5kN and features a 7 fall rating. It comes in 50, 60, and 70-meter lengths. 50 meters is perfect for climbing in the gyms and 60 works fine for various sports activities, while 70 meter is suitable to handle the longest pitches.

Giving the ease of use in the gym or at the crag, this rope features a thick sheath that provides excellent abrasion resistance, thereby greater durability. It offers greater longevity and has an UltraSonic finish.

The UltraSonic finish means that the core and the sheath are bonded together at the rope ends, which in turn avoids frayed ends, thereby lending more durability.

The most confusing and tough part is the initial coiling and uncoiling of the rope before it’s used. To ease this problem, Petzl Mambo rope features a ClimbReady coil, which is a specific type of coil that makes the rope ready for use and helps the user avoid initial uncoiling mistakes. It doesn’t kink very easily.

This rope provides for more effective belaying, as the low static and dynamic elongation of the diameter facilitates belay device usage. The middle mark indicates the middle of the rope and eases the maneuvers, as the middle mark is really helpful for long rappels.

Ensuring an excellent grip, this rope comes with a special thermal treatment to stabilise the core strands and improves consistency. It comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Overall, it is the perfect choice for beginners who need to improve their rope-handling skills. If you want a long-lasting and durable rope, and weight is of no concern to you, then there is no better rope then Petzl Mambo climbing rope.

Given its longevity and durability, this rope does a complete justice to its price and is totally worth the investment.

Sterling Slim Gym Climbing Rope

Simple and straightforward, this 10.1- millimeter rope is perfect to improve your indoor lead skills. It has been specifically designed to be used in the gyms. It is available in the lengths of 25, 30, 100, 200 meters.

You can choose the length in accordance with the task you intend to do. However, shorter the length of the rope, easier it is to maneuver on indoor walls and pack.

Though the rope has 10.1mm diameter, due to its higher sheath mass it functions and is manageable like a thinner rope. The thick diameter also makes this rope abrasion-resistant. It weighs around 63 g/m. Given the amount it comes at, it is astounding that it delivers such amazing quality.

It features a durable and rigid Marathon sheath that comprises 42% of the mass and is lightweight to allow for quick clipping. It lacks any dry treatment, still, it is compatible in dry outdoor conditions, making this rope perfect for short to medium climbing routes.

However, outdoor sport climbs it is recommended that you buy any other rope. This one is perfect for indoor climbs.

It offers generous dynamic elongation of 35.5% and comes with static elongation of 8.4%. The low impact force of 8.6 kN makes sure that your falls don’t make you regret the fit of your harness. It does not have any middle mark, which is a bit of disappointment. With UIAA 6 Falls, this rope is perfect for indoor climbing and features a lifetime manufacturer guarantee.

Given the price and features, this is undoubtedly a great beginner rope that can be used to hone your skills. It’s a good rope for its intended use. This rope is quite safe and not at all a bad deal. Overall, this one is worth the buy and a great value for money.

Black Diamond 9.9mm Dynamic Climbing Rope

The Black Diamond features a thick diameter of 9.9 and is a burly cord for year-round rock climbing. The moment you’ll pick up this rope, you will be immediately stunned by its soft supple feel and electric blue sheen.

This is the company’s thickest and most durable climbing rope, that works amazingly in a variety of belay devices.

It has a weight per meter of 64 g. Utilizing a 2X2 weave construction, this rope features the company’s regular and standard sheath that is highly durable to withstand everyday use.

These ropes are purposely built to provide great handling, by making ropes that are not too stiff and not too soft. This one comes in the standard 35, 40, 60 and 70 m lengths. You can choose the length of the rope as per the task you intend to do.

Its beginner-friendly handling makes it easy for the new climbers to hone their skills. Designed for heavy use and year-round climbing, this rope comes with 8.4 kilonewtons of impact force.

It has 6 UIAA Falls and features a non-dry treatment. This rope has 7.6% static elongation and 32% dynamic elongation, which makes the falls work fine and provides a soft catch with each fall.

However, It didn’t have an excessive static elongation, which makes it risky if you fall off the rock close to the ground.

This highly durable rope knots easily and feeds through your belay device with ease. It is long-lasting enough to hold up to a barrage of use. It sports an easily identified middle marker, which makes for easy rappelling.

This climbing rope offers a one-year manufacturer warranty. This rope is a good choice for a variety of climbing styles, but due to its non-dry treatment, it is a great choice only for newer climbers who start out with a thicker rope to improve their skills.

This single dynamic rope is known for its versatility and is perfect for those who prefer one burly rope for any style of climb. Available at a great price point, it is a strong contender in the beginner rope market.

Mammut Infinity Protect

Mammut is a rope company, which is known to produce the best quality and more durable ropes. Their every new product is an improvement over the previous one. And Mammut Infinity Protect is no different.

This high-quality rope from Mammut is perfect for any kind of sports climbing project and long multi-pitch climbs.

This 9.5 mm rope comes in three options: Dry, Protect, and Classic. All the three have different characteristics; the Classic rope has no water repellent treatment, the Protect has a dry treatment on the sheath, and the Dry one has a dry treatment on the core and sheath. The Protect line also features the BiCo Sense technology.

The Mammut’s Protect coated sheath technology adds to the durability of the rope and increases its abrasion resistance even under heavy use. One of the best and highlighting facts about this rope is its low weight. It only weighs in at 58g/m.

Due to its low weight, it is perfect for multi-pitch routes and will perform well when on-sighting sport climbs. This rope is a bit stiffer than others, which makes it easier to clip.

Made in Switzerland, this rope is great with the catches. Offering 30% stretch on the first fall, this rope is stretchable enough to make the catch adequately painless. It comes with 7-8 fall rating. It offers 30% dynamic elongation and 6.8% static elongation.

This is a perfect rope for any kind of activity as it is burly enough to withstand rope drag and any kind of abuse. It offers 40% more abrasion resistance compared to untreated ropes.

Overall, this rope is a perfect blend of low weight, small diameter, and high performance. For ice/alpine climbers, this rope is just perfect. best all around ropes. Given its versatility and quality, the price tag is completely justified.

BlueWater Ropes 9.7mm Lightning Pro Double Dry Dynamic Single Rope

The BlueWater Lightning Pro has been known for its manufacturing expertise and quality of ropes. Their ropes are preferred by all kinds of climbers; infant their ropes are the most ideal choice for many high-end endeavors.

With a diameter of 9.7mm, this lightweight rope is easy to handle and easy to clip. This rope is extremely lightweight for the diameter and weighs only 61 g/m. It also packs easier due to its sheath’s subtle nature.

It is available in a number of colours for you to choose from. It is available in 60M and 70M lengths.

It has a maximum impact force rating of 7.8 kN and is available in both a double dry and standard option.If you compare other ropes in the same size, then Blue Water’s Lightning Pro 9.7mm Climbing Rope truly outshines the others.

However, coming on to the durability, this rope is a bit disappointing. It gets worn out easily and cannot handle excessive abuse and tear. It is not one of the best catches around. The falls feel a bit harder.

This strong and durable rock climbing rope really feels soft and supple in the hands, which allows for excellent handling. This rope comes with a Double Dry treatment to prevent the rope from absorbing any water after a rainy day.

It features static elongation of 8.9% and dynamic elongation of 32.2%. It comes with 8 UIAA falls, which makes it strong enough to withstand multiple falls. While climbing big walls, this rope is extremely comfortable. It comes with 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty.

Ideal for sport or extreme alpine climbing, this rope has been UIAA and CE certified. A reasonably priced versatile rope that does what it intends to do.  Overall, this low weight rope delivers high performance and is the perfect choice for any high-end activities.

Beal Opera Golden Dry Climbing Rope

With 8.5mm diameter and weight of 48 grams per meter, Beal’s Opera Golden Dry Climbing Rope is the skinniest and the lightest single rope available in the market. This ultra-light triple-rated rope only weighs at 48 g/m.

Certified as a half, twin, or single, this rope features Unicore construction, which includes a thin membrane that bonds the sheath to the core while still allowing stretch under load.

It eliminates slippage, allows for better abrasion-resistance, and ensures a soft and supple performance that slides through belay devices and carabiners. It is available in 60M and 70M lengths. It has a centre mark.

The core and the sheath are water-resistant, resulting in much less water absorption. They have been treated by Golden Dry water repellent treatment. It has a static elongation of 10 % (single) ,12 % (half), 10 % (twin), and dynamic elongation of 40 % in each.

It has a tight-knit sheath that is highly durable. In both handling and performance, this rope scores well. It is extremely stretchable and is one of the best catches. It features 5 [single, half], and 12 [twin] UIAA Falls.

It is easy to belay with almost all the devices. The Sheath mass is 37%, i.e. how much the rope stretches in a fall, is quite high and amazing. With a low impact force of 12 kN [single], 8 kN [half], 12 kN [twin], this is the softest-catching single rope, that has been surpassing other triple-rated ropes.

This rope has a stiff hand, which helps it from getting into the tangled messes that small-diameter ropes tend to do. The best part about its stiff nature is that even after getting wet and freeze, it remains soft and supple.

It comes with 3 years of manufacturer warranty. This versatile rope features the safety margin provided by a UIAA single rating.

Overall, this fantastic rope is highly versatile and perfect for sports climbers, ice climbers, and alpinists. It has been genuinely priced and is the most favorite skinny cords available. Given the price to performance ratio, this one is an amazing pick.

Comparison Table of Best Climbing Ropes of 2019

Below-mentioned table filters out some of the important features for you to make a better choice:

Basis Diameter Dynamic Elongation Static Elongation Impact Force UIAA Falls Weight
Petzl Mambo 10.1mm 34% 8.5% 8.5kN 7 65 g/m
Sterling Slim 10.1mm 35.5% 8.4% 8.6 kN 6 63 g/m
Black Diamond Dynamic 9.9 mm 32% 7.6% 8.4 kN 6 64 g/m
Mammut Infinity Protect 9.5 mm 30% 6.8% 8.7 kN                              7-8 58 g/m
BlueWater Lightning Pro 9.7mm 32.2% 8.9% 7.8 kN 8 61 g/m
Beal Opera 8.5mm 40% 10 % (single) 12 kN [single]                    5 (single) 48 g/m

The climbing rope ensures your safety when you fall. With so much dependency on such a crucial piece of equipment, it is very important to make a wise choice.

Rating Table of Best Climbing Ropes of 2018

Best Climbing Ropes of 2019
  • Petzl Mambo 10.1mm Climbing Rope
  • Sterling Slim Gym Climbing Rope
  • Black Diamond 9.9mm Dynamic Climbing Rope
  • Mammut Infinity Protect
  • BlueWater Ropes Lightning Pro Double Dry Rope
  • Beal Opera Golden Dry Climbing Rope


Don’t compromise on quality for the price. Amidst a huge variety of different ropes to choose from, choosing the one you require becomes difficult. So research well about all the options available and make a wise choice.

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